eBusiness Workplace – Internet Marketing Book Review

If you feel challenged when trying to understand B2B sales strategies, eCommerce or eBusiness planning to help you implement a large scale Internet Marketing and Intranet computer system for your company, then boy do I have the right book for you:

“The eBusiness Workplace – Discovering the Power of Enterprise Portals” by SAP AG and PriceWaterHouseCoopers, LLC; Published by John Wiley and Son’s; Hoboken, NJ; (2001). ISBN: 0-471-41830-7.

This is just a fabulous book and it ties in the corporate Intranet system with Internet eCommerce solutions to streamline your business, increase your bottom line, and maintain the communication with your vendor teams, customers and employees.

Just so you have an overview, I’d recommend reading Bill Gates’ book “The Road Ahead” first, before diving into this book. This will help you put it all into perspective. I’d also recommend that you view the CD ROM that comes with this book first, before reading this book, as not only will it get you excited about the material, it will blow your mind with all the possibilities.

SAP has put this book together and they offer many of the solutions to achieving all that this book suggests, so in a way it is both an educational enlightenment for business executives, as well as a sales tool, but that is okay, you will not feel pressured in anyway. It could also be used by Oracle Sales reps that offer similar technologies.

Want to build a web, within the web connecting all aspects of your business? Then this is the book for you. You will learn how to use the Internet to build communication with your vendors, customers, employee teams, and business units. You will find chapters on enhancing revenue using e-business strategies, B2B sales, content management, and really taking control of your company.